Origami Energy: upending the idea of energy as a commodity

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27 March 2018
Our Head of Strategy and Innovation, Alex Howard, spoke to Patrick Kingsland from Power Technology about the value of real-time energy control and why utilities must re-invent their business models.
Read the full article here in Power Technology.

“The old utility model was to sell more and more kWh of a carbon-intensive energy product. With decarbonisation of the energy system, this model must change – customers want to use greener energy and to use less of it, so they reduce costs as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

Utilities can continue with the old model and kick the problem down the road, but many are realising that they need to align their interests with their customers’. The timing and direction of energy flows and value of energy and when it is consumed are changing. Some energy suppliers are recognising the need for change and see the value in selling the commodity alongside services, such as energy flexibility, i.e. the value of when energy is used.

These more forward-thinking suppliers are embracing changes to the energy model, they see the value in delivering better customer propositions, which are less dependent on volume; developing deeper relationships with their customers and improving trading positions, enabled by partnering with technology companies like Origami Energy. These utilities can buy better, sell better and trade better, by harnessing the power of technology.”

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