Triad Management

The need:

Energy suppliers determine  electricity charges partly based on three peak usage periods (called Triads) as reported by National Grid. Electricity usage within these Triads which are half an hour periods, usually throughout the winter months, can significantly impact businesses’ energy bills and can make up as much as 20% of the total annual electricity bill.

However, by avoiding electricity import during these three half-hour periods this charge can be reduced without affecting the underlying business processes. When Triads are predicted to happen, using flexibility, on-site demand can be reduced for up to one hour at that time to save money.

What’s in it for you:

  • Energy bill reduction
  • Free to participate and no penalty if you can’t deliver
  • Minimum disruption to your business

I’m interested, what’s next?

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More information about Triad Management

All customers pay for using the transmission system to deliver the electricity from power stations to their premises. National Grid determines the liability based on the average electricity usage in the three half hour periods when the country’s electricity demand is highest.

These periods can occur any time of the day from 1 November to the end of February but should be separated from each other by 10 days. For any business paying Triad charges, reducing electricity demand during these half hours means costs could be saved.

Who can join?
Every half hourly electricity metered customer with Triad charges broken out in their electricity bill, who have suitable equipment that might be used for the Triad management service.

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