Solutions architected for global deployment 

Versatile. Scalable. Intelligent.

The flexibility that exists in all energy resources (ability to turn up/down or on/off) such as battery storage, demand and generation assets will become increasingly valuable. How these flexible assets are operated to obtain the most value will vary over time, perhaps unpredictably and at short notice. This global opportunity for decentralised energy is driven by decarbonisation, through the growth of renewable generation and digitisation.

To capture this value, we have built an intelligent Technology Platform to remotely monitor and dynamically control distributed energy assets in real-time.

The Origami Energy Technology Platform is:

  • Versatile: Any value opportunity. Any viable Distributed Energy Resource. Any geography.
  • Scalable: Almost unlimited number of assets and value opportunities can be monitored and controlled by our platform – providing a single portfolio view.
  • Intelligent: We use machine learning and advanced data analytics to optimise value generation and automate decisions.

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