Smart Power Industry Alliance – SPIA

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The way the UK uses power is rapidly changing in all aspects; the future of energy is smart.

On the 23rd of October, the UK saw the launch of the Smart Power Industries Alliance. CEO Peter Bance joined the panel alongside varied representatives from UK energy groups, MPs and ministers forming an alliance supporting smart energy transition in the UK.

The cross-industry advisory alliance has united working to ensure “benefits are accessible to all in the new era of smart energy” and proposing a unified direction on how best to approach the evolving energy landscape.

SPIA, chaired by Charles Hendry, former Energy and Climate Change Minister described the coalition as a “long-term change programme”

As reported by, SPIA also aims to create incentives for the heat, transport and power sectors to ensure decarbonisation at the best value to customers.

“It’s great to see key industry stakeholders with positive messages around sustainable, secure and affordable systems and a clear view that a digital future is not a far horizon. It is now”

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