Renewable Generation and Consumption Balancing

Maximise on-site use of renewable energy, minimise energy costs

Solution for

  • Commercial and industrial business
  • Government and public sector organisations
  • Businesses using in excess of 1 GWh annually

For organisations with the ability to generate and store their own renewable energy, consuming it on-site can be twice as valuable as exporting it to the grid. As such, the more efficiently energy is managed, the more money is saved.

Origami Energy’s Renewables Balancing solution helps you get the most out of your self-generated renewable energy by scaling demand to match available resources. We monitor your energy generation in real-time and align internal demand to maximise consumption of self-generated electricity, only drawing on external resources when absolutely necessary.

Business benefits

  • Make significant savings on energy bills
  • Minimise reliance on external resources
  • Increase renewable capacity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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