Peter Bance speaking at CJBS Clean Energy Event

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Origami CEO, Peter Bance, will be speaking in a panel discussion hosted by CJBS Clean Energy Group on 8th June, where industry pioneers and current leaders will come together to discuss how we are to overcome one of the greatest challenges of our time – sustainable energy production and consumption.

Topics will include:

  • What energy sector incumbents are doing to gain exposure to renewables;
  • Reshaping the strategic approach to energy generation and consumption;
  • Available tools to promote effective and sustainable resource management; and
  • Innovative technologies to invest in that are ripe to be a part of the sustainability boom.

The CJBS Clean Energy Group is an MBA student-run group at the Cambridge Judge Business School and they are partnering with the Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN) and Cambridge Cleantech to bring together some of the brightest minds in industry, innovation and academia.

Speaking alongside Peter will be:

  • Dan Barry, BP Global Head of Environmental Products
  • Giovanni Terranova, Bluefield Capital, Founder and Managing Partner

Visit event website for more information.

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