Peter Bance speaking at Power Responsive Conference 2017

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power responsive conference 2017

Power Responsive Conference 2017

The UK is progressing to a more flexible, demand side led, low carbon electricity system. National Grid‘s vision for flexibility and improvements to products was discussed at the Power Responsive Conference on 27 June 2017 at the Emirates Stadium in London. With hundreds of attendees participating, the line up of speakers included high profile individuals from across the industry.

Origami CEO Peter Bance shared his views on the future of energy:

As the marginal cost of generating energy approaches zero with more renewables on the system, how energy is ‘shaped’ in time and in space will become increasingly important and valuable. The massive build-out of distributed energy assets at the grid edge, being fuelled by very large quantities of asset finance, is creating the opportunity and need to use powerful technology to help create a two-sided marketplace for energy flexibility. By enabling many different users of flexibility to trade with many different providers of flexibility, returns for assets can be optimised as the conditions in the market continuously change in unpredictable ways. Rules by which this should be managed will be driven by use cases developed in the marketplace, rather than trying to predict the future.

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