Origami Energy recognised with Global Cleantech Award

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London, 2nd November 2017 – Origami Energy, the UK leader in the development of a real-time marketplace for distributed energy, has won a top three Later Stage Award for the  Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) award.

Origami Energy’s Technology Platform automates decisions about when to change behaviour of customer’s distributed energy assets in response to market requirements. The platform enables remote control of these assets in real-time. This control enables more efficient use of the assets, offering a better return on investment for the asset owner and a reduced number of assets needed to deliver grid stability, with the goal of reducing overall costs to grid operators and ultimately end consumers and ensures Origami Energy’s customers gain value today and are prepared for a future with increasingly volatile electricity costs.

The annual GCCA Later Stage Award showcases best-in-class companies nominated by the GCCA cluster partners from across the globe. All companies presented in the GCCA Awards Directory have been analysed with the KeyStone Compact™ Assessment Tool.

Martin Garratt, CEO at Cambridge Cleantech, commented: “Companies cannot apply for the award and instead are nominated – this year more than 100 cleantech companies from around the world were evaluated. Considering the competition, we are particularly delighted that a Cambridge Cleantech member company, Origami Energy, has secured a top 3 winning position.”

“We are honoured to have been recognised for the Global Cleantech Cluster Association award and to be selected in top 3 from such a large initial list of global cleantech companies. This award is a validation of the opportunity that our Technology Platform and real-time market place solutions can offer to electricity suppliers and electricity consumers.” said Peter Bance, Chief Executive Officer at Origami Energy.

About Cambridge Cleantech

Cambridge Cleantech is the members’ organisation supporting the growth of environmental goods and services or “cleantech” companies in Greater Cambridge and across the region.

Our ambitious plans are to further develop Cambridge as a leading cleantech centre in Europe and in doing so help promote the next wave of the Cambridge hi-tech cluster. Cambridge Cleantech encourages supply chain opportunities for companies in the sector, enables shared experience of innovative growth businesses and provides collective services such as access to finance, government regulatory updates and links to international partners.

For more information about Cambridge Cleantech visit: www.cambridgecleantech.org.uk

More information:  Martin Garratt, CEO  07789 922487 or 01223 750017

Media enquiries: Dominic Fava dominic.fava@origamienergy.com




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