Origami Energy to play key advisory role in two Ofgem-backed energy innovation initiatives

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Projects could deliver £300 million in customer savings, reduce emissions by 3 megatonnes and safeguard security of supply as UK moves to a low carbon economy

London, UK, 11 December 2017

Ofgem’s recent 2017 Network Innovation Competition (NIC) saw the regulator award £42.4m of funding to projects supporting grid flexibility. Origami Energy is pleased to be named a partner in two of the five NIC endorsed projects.

Both projects will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of the UK energy marketplace, paving the way for DNOs to harness local network flexibility, efficiently manage modernised networks and support wider national network balancing requirements.

If implemented across the UK by 2050, each project could save network customers as much as £292 million, release at least 500MW of network capacity and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Britain’s energy network.

Origami Energy is the only provider named on two of the 2017 NIC projects, highlighting the energy technology supplier’s deep knowledge of the market and expertise.

SP Energy Networks will lead FUSION, following its £5.3m funding award from Ofgem. Meanwhile, SSEN is set to lead TRANSITION with funding of up to £13.1m to test market models for the Energy Network Association’s Open Networks Project.



FUSION aims to develop and trial a European market model for the trading of flexible network services where energy flexibility and demand-side response can be bought and sold, reducing the need for network reinforcement, enabling customer choice and saving customer money. It is anticipated that the project could enable customer savings in excess of £200m by 2050, and reduce carbon emissions by over 3m tonnes.

The partnership will see Origami Energy provide assessments of the market potential for customers in the Industrial and Commercial sectors. SP Energy Networks will also draw on Origami Energy’s market expertise in delivering value for the distributed energy market through energy flexibility technology. The market model will be based on the Universal Smart Energy Framework, USEF, an innovative model for managing network flexibility.

Origami Energy will work alongside project partners DNV GL, PassivSystems, Imperial College London, SAC Consulting, The University of St Andrews, Fife Council and Bright Green Hydrogen to deliver FUSION.

Peter Bance, chief executive of Origami Energy said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen as a project partner to develop this technology. Pioneering projects like FUSION will pave the way for DNOs to harness local network flexibility, efficiently manage modernised networks and support wider national network balancing requirements.”

Colin Taylor, Director of Processes and Technology at SP Energy Networks commented: “Our innovative project FUSION will put customers at the heart of our ambitious future energy system. By enabling a flexible network, SP Energy Networks is able to empower customers whilst increasing network efficiency and value, delivering a key element of our Distribution System Operator vision.”



Origami Energy is also working with SSEN to deliver TRANSITION. This innovation project will seek to progress the UK government’s ‘Smart Systems and Flexibility’ plan for the energy industry by testing market models for the trading of flexible network services, create a market interface to facilitate the markets and release additional capacity.  TRANSITION aims to deliver benefits of up to £292m to network customers by 2050.

TRANSITION will inform the design requirements for the platform, develop the roles and responsibilities within the marketplace, develop the market rules required for the trials, and implement and test the concept of the Neutral Market Facilitator.

Origami Energy was one of fifty organisations to answer SSEN’s call for innovation ideas that will enable the transition to DSO and increase network flexibility.

Commenting on the partnership with SSEN, Bance said: “By collaborating with SSEN and our other TRANSITION partners we have an opportunity to realise the potential of network innovation through increased flexibility; ultimately delivering energy that is cheaper, greener and more secure.”

Origami Energy will work alongside project partners and supporters Electricity North West Limited, Northern Powergrid, Atkins, CGI, British Gas and ELEXON to deliver TRANSITION.

Bance concluded: “The market frameworks being trialled by our partners have the potential to save network customers more than a quarter of a billion pounds, drastically reduce carbon emissions and release at least 500MW of network capacity. We are both proud and excited to support our partners as a dynamic new distribution system is defined.”


Read more about the Network Innovation Competition projects here.

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