Origami CTO to discuss the need for flexibility at IET event on 18 May

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At an exclusive event for IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) members, Oliver Burstall, the Chief Technology Officer for Origami Energy, will talk about the objective of the company to develop the technology and financial mechanisms that are required to connect, control and actively manage a large network of existing energy assets connected to the electricity grid.

In particular he will talk about how the need for flexibility in the electrical network is becoming ever more valuable.  Flexibility enables the ability to move the generation and use of energy in space and time.

The way in which we will balance the network and value energy and power is going to change due to factors such as:

  • the increasing deployment of clean inflexible generation (particularly wind and solar) at the edge of the grid;
  • the reduction in big flexible centralised generation (coal, oil, gas, nuclear); and
  • the increase in electrical demand (particularly from EVs and electrification of heating)

This talk will discuss a potential future for flexibility and why it is necessary.

Find out more about this event here.

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