Origami asks Government to do more to help realise the benefits of flexibility

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Earlier this month we responded to the Ofgem and BEIS Smart, Flexible Energy System Call for Evidence (CfE). The CfE sets out Government’s thinking in a number of important areas relevant to both ourselves and our customers.

The energy system is changing. New disruptive technology and service providers like Origami Energy are changing the way we generate, distribute and consume energy. Traditional passive energy networks are being transformed into increasingly smart energy systems that are delivering benefits for providers, consumers and the environment

To make the most of a smart, flexible energy system, we need smart policy and smart regulation. Whilst we believe that some progress has been made recently by both Government and wider industry, we still believe much more can be done in the short term, particularly to help realise the benefits that flexibility can offer to the energy system.

Actions and decisions taken now will be critical to the success new market entrants, like us, and we feel Government/Ofgem have an important role to play in ensuring the future energy system is able to benefit from the new technology, providers and solutions emerging today.

You can read the covering letter we submitted alongside our main response here OfgemBEIS CfE – Cover Letter. Below are some of the main points we wanted to bring to their attention;

  • Granting market access:  Open access to all relevant markets for new market entrants and non-traditional business models is a priority if the transition to a low carbon electricity system is to be made in the most cost effective manner for consumers.
  • Simplifying balancing services: To create an efficient, fair and accessible marketplace for flexibility, National Grid need to simplify the current range of balancing services they procure.
  • Improve network charging: A Significant Code Review of system wide charging, alongside clear strategic direction from Ofgem and BEIS, is now required to design a network charging regime fit for a flexible system.
  • A more active role for DNOs: The current lack of regulatory obligation on DNOs to balance the energy system locally (as opposed to nationally as it is done currently) needs to be addressed urgently.

Our full response contained evidence to support the points above and we look forward to working with both Ofgem and Government as they decide on next steps.

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