Optimised Generation

Maximised value from dispatchable generation.

Many Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are not generating value to their maximum potential. This could be because they are only being used for a narrow range of revenue opportunities or perhaps there are limitations on the export connection.

Origami Energy provides remote, real-time monitoring and control of DERs to maximise revenue potential for all value opportunities and ensure export limitations and asset warranty constraints are not breached. We monitor demand, generation and feedstock supply if relevant, to maximise value from generation assets.

Origami stacks ancillary and TOU services and allows energy suppliers and traders to monitor available flexibility and remotely dispatch assets when opportunities to increase profitability through sale of additional power and for renewable generators, Renewable Obligation Certificates.

We provide remote, high-resolution energy monitoring and real-time dynamic control of any viable DER using our purpose-built Origami Energy Router.

Value opportunities may change (time, location, magnitude) and perhaps change quickly. Once the DER is enabled for new revenue streams and optimised generation, our over-the-air update capability means that there is minimal ongoing site disruption to deliver maximised revenue opportunities.

If you would like to know how we can help you generate an increase of 10% or more in revenue from your dispatchable generation asset, please get in contact here.



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