Each & every half hour.

The Origami Energy Router is capable of continuously streaming sub-second metrology data from energy assets to our Technology Platform.

This data is then processed through our Big Data systems and used along with external data (e.g. weather, power prices) off-line or in near-real time to solve various operational optimisation problems and derive new insights.

We use advanced analytics, machine learning and operations research (proprietary deterministic and stochastic optimisation frameworks) to:

  • Develop forecasts for asset availability and behaviour
  • Design bidding parameters in various ancillary services markets
  • Make forecasts for imbalance price chasing
  • Optimally allocate available assets to various power submarkets to maximise expected gross profit for up to 48 hours in advance, for each half hour

Our approaches to big data, advanced analytics and machine learning, alongside extreme platform uptime performance, enables us to provide energy suppliers, energy traders and other electricity system participants with the ability to offer new products and services to their customers and deliver improved returns for owners of distributed energy resources.

Read this article in Power Engineering International by George Nizharadze, Data and Commercial Optimisation Lead here.

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