Monitoring & Control

Automated. Real-time. Remote.

Valuable energy flexibility exists in virtually all Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s).

To profitably access energy flexibility requires real time monitoring and control.

There are a multitude of different DER’s – in terms of types, manufacturers and models, with varying monitoring and control capabilities – meaning suppliers and energy traders are often challenged in which assets they can connect to and which customers they can offer services to.

The Origami Energy Router (OER) provides high-resolution energy monitoring and real-time dynamic control of any DER.

The Origami Energy approach maximises revenue opportunities and minimises business disruption to business owners and energy suppliers and traders:

  • We carry out a site visit to define engineering and enablement requirements, covering site power needs, required services and any physical constraints of the site.
  • We determine the most efficient way of enabling the DER with minimum business disruption.
  • OER’s are then configured, tested, installed and commissioned to start generating value.
  • We use our over-the-air capability to remotely configure new services.
  • DER’s are remotely monitored, controlled and enabled for new revenue streams.


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