Origami history and key market drivers

Founded in 2013 by CEO Peter Bance, Origami Energy uses cutting edge, smart technology to tackle some of the key issues facing the energy industry today. From real-time capacity management to round the clock system balancing, our intelligent energy solutions help utilities, traders, network operators, energy providers and consumers to realise the full potential of their energy assets.

A seismic shift in the energy sector and the technology driving it

The UK energy sector has changed tremendously in recent years, shifting from large centralised traditional fossil fuel power stations, to a diverse marketplace full of smaller renewable energy providers. While this has unlocked many exciting new opportunities, it has also created a unique and growing imbalance within the energy system. The marketplace is now more fragmented than ever before, making it harder to control centrally, while renewable energy generation is inflexible by nature, creating volatility and unpredictability for supply especially at peak times. Compounded by the UK’s energy infrastructure being under growing pressure to deal with the sheer volume of demand and increasing generation for energy at local and national levels, much of the network now runs at or near to full capacity, making system management extremely difficult.

Fortunately, technology has the answers. More powerful, accessible and affordable than ever before, advances in smart technologies are paving the way for innovative new solutions to many of the energy industry’s most prevalent problems.

Origami Energy’s smart energy solutions, help our customers to easily overcome issues that would otherwise require costly infrastructure investments to solve. Our powerful technology platform intelligently manages and optimises the flow of energy across the entire system, drawing on available flexibility to ensure a reliable and balanced energy supply at all times, whatever the weather.

Creating a thriving new edge-of-grid marketplace

The increasing decentralisation of the energy industry with increased distributed demand and generation has opened the door to a thriving new marketplace at the edge of the grid, attracting over half of new global investment in electricity. But to truly flourish, each edge-of-grid participant and asset must be able to interact effectively, enabling as much value as possible and working together for the good of the whole marketplace.

At Origami Energy, we are making that a reality through the use of our innovative monitoring, communications and control solutions. We work with asset owners of all shapes and sizes to create a dynamic, intelligent and reliable energy marketplace where everyone can thrive.

Flexibility: A valuable commodity in an increasingly unpredictable world

As energy usage continues to soar at both local and national levels, the need for on-demand, flexible energy has never been greater. At Origami Energy we are using our powerful technology to create a brand new, two-sided marketplace between flexible energy providers and users, on a many to many basis. Our intelligent solutions adapt quickly to shifting market demands across the system, not only helping our customers to capitalise on the opportunities created, but ensuring those in need of flexible capacity will always have access to it when needed.

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