The ultimate marketplace for aggregators and flexibility providers

Solution for:

  • Aggregators looking to make better use of existing flex contracts

Many aggregators with contracted positions from National Grid can have difficulty finding suitable flexibility providers to fulfil them. At the same time, customers looking to capitalise on available flexibility are often unable to accurately quantify what they have, or find suitable buyers to sell it to. The result is a situation where both parties lose out.

Origami Energy’s FlexConnect solves this by bringing aggregators and providers together through a unique flexibility marketplace. We will comprehensively assess energy providers in order to identify precisely how much flexibility they have across their operations. They will then plug this flexibility directly into our purpose-built marketplace, where aggregators looking for better utilisation of contracts can see exactly what is available. As a result, flexibility providers get the best deals, while aggregators can efficiently find customers to fill any gaps in their portfolios.

Business Benefits

  • Better utilisation of energy contracts
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Improved portfolio management

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