What is enhanced frequency response?

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The fast-changing energy landscape and increasing amount of renewable generation on the system that results in frequency volatility has required National Grid to develop new and innovative ways to manage frequency to ensure that energy keeps flowing to where it is needed.

Enhanced frequency response (EFR) has been developed to provide a fast response solution to this system volatility.

How does enhanced frequency response work?

National Grid is responsible for managing energy supply and demand across Great Britain and to do this system frequency must be maintained at 50Hz. Enhanced Frequency response is defined by National Grid as being a service that achieves 100% active power output at 1 second (or less) of registering a frequency deviation.  This is a new service that is being developed to maintain the system frequency closer to 50Hz under normal operation.

Who can join EFR?

This is a new service aimed predominantly at storage assets to provide frequency response in 1 second or less. Participants must enter this scheme via a tender process.

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