Energy Cost and Revenue Optimisation

Cut operational costs with smart energy usage

Solution for

  • Commercial and industrial businesses
  • Government and public sector organisations
  • Energy usage in excess of 1GWh annually

Large energy users are facing high electricity charges, such as Triad and DUoS charges, and potentially missing opportunities for new revenue streams that can be accessed through energy cost and revenue optimisation. This is Demand Side Response (DSR) where energy users turn up, turn down, or shift demand in real time.

Services include:

Origami Energy’s automated solution analyses energy usage across the entire business operation and identifies areas for savings and potential revenue generation. This enables energy users to implement more efficient asset usage strategies for assets such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), motors, refrigeration units, combined heat and power (CHP) and industrial equipment. Through flexible asset utilisation, energy consumption can be shifted to lower rate time periods, reducing costs. Assets connected to the marketplace contribute to the balancing of the national electricity system, which unlocks potentially multiple new revenue streams for the business.

Our solution runs entirely in the background and requires no on-site management or analysis, leaving the energy user to focus on day to day business operations.

Business Benefits

  • Energy bill reduction and peak charge avoidance
  • New revenue opportunities from demand side response
  • Access to future saving and revenue opportunities
  • No interruption to the usual business
  • Contribution to low carbon economy

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