What is Demand Side Response?

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Demand Side Response is a programme that enables energy consumers to supply National Grid with flexibility to balance the system and avoid power outages throughout the UK.

DSR allows energy consumers, from commercial and industrial businesses to SMBs and even the end consumer, to respond to periods of high or low demand. By intelligently managing their energy usage and generation, energy users can become flexibility providers (Demand Side Providers) to National Grid.

Demand side Response can take the form of various services like STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve), FFR (Firm Frequency Response), Fast Reserve and Demand Turn Up.

Origami Energy are working on innovative new demand side management services that will start to move us closer to our vision of a dynamic edge-of-grid market.

If you’d like to hear more about these new services or be involved in shaping them, please get in touch with us.

Give us a call on 0330 726 0050 to speak to one of our experts. Alternatively you can send us a message and we’ll get back to you.