Cleantech Forum Europe

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In its 13th year, Cleantech Forum Europe continues to be the place to meet. It connects the dots across industrial sectors being disrupted by information, bio and clean technology innovations.

Panel Discussion

Origami Energy CEO Peter Bance is on the panel to discuss “Smart Energy – The digitalization and virtualization of the power grid”. Discussion takes place in the afternoon of Wednesday 17 May 2017.

Hear about lessons learned by the utility, and also perspectives from smart grid market participants as we explore how virtual power plants are a critical enabler of the smarter, cleaner power network of the future. Today there are cheaper, thinner, and lighter sensors with digital connection of a broad range of assets. The talk will also cover the pilot virtual power plant, which optimizes operations across residential and business consumers along with generation and distribution assets.

Join us and learn more!

In addition, at the Awards dinner the leading start-up companies, investors and corporations will gather and enjoy a relaxed setting.

Cleantech Forum Europe in Helsinki, Finland

The Forum offers a three-day program that provides opportunities to learn, network, and even to get deals done.


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