Case Study: c2c, Barking Station – UPS

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C2C Logoc2c Rail is an award-winning train operator that runs services between and around London serving 26 stations in East London and South Essex.


At their Barking station the old uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system used for emergency lighting was due for replacement. c2c was looking for an innovative technical solution that doesn’t only solve for the need for UPS but also helps the business manage costs more efficiently. Committed to support advancements in the grid, the company set out the goal for the project to enable participation in the decentralised energy system by utilising flexibility in the asset.


The Origami team designed a solution with a 60kW battery storage system, which via the Origami platform is able to provide secure backup power and assist National Grid with the management of the electricity system. Using the flexibility of the asset for these two purposes the total cost of ownership of the new investment is significantly reduced.

The platform will ensure seamless operation of the battery storage system, while maximising the revenue from the provision of grid services.

Ben Martin, Head of Asset Management, c2c Rail:

“I must commend you for the professional way in which you have delivered the installation, all very encouraging. I look forward to doing more.”


  • Reduced cost of on-site electricity usage
  • Access to new revenue streams for grid services
  • Maintaining security of supply at a lower cost
  • Demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency

Next steps 

c2c is exploring the opportunity to replicate the solution across multiple sites in the UK.

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