Want a job where you can make a difference? Michelle Vezie shares what its like working at Origami Energy

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15th March 2018
By Scott Gibson, Talent Acquisition Advisor

I sat down with Michelle Vezie, who recently joined us as a portfolio analyst in our value delivery team, to talk about life at Origami Energy.

So, tell me what a portfolio analyst does?

At its core, Origami Energy is all about enabling a portfolio of assets to unlock untapped value by accessing a portfolio of services. So my work as a portfolio analyst involves both sides: helping to figure out which assets should be doing what, and helping to figure out how valuable different services are, not to mention trying to make sure that we are successful when we participate in those markets.

How does someone in your role add value to Origami Energy?

Something I’m proud of from my time at Origami Energy so far has been analysis I’ve done on the Frequency Response tendered markets, which has fed into developing a bidding strategy. We’ve successfully secured contracts with National Grid, making money for us and our partners! In general, the Value Delivery team provides a lot of the quantitative backbone which informs decision-making across the business. It’s pretty cool to see your work being used by different parts of the company.

What were you doing prior to joining Origami Energy?

I joined Origami Energy fresh out of a PhD on trying to understand how very tiny solar cells made out of plastic worked. Before that, I did a degree in Chemical Engineering, and I have always been very interested in energy!

Why did you join Origami Energy?

I joined Origami Energy because I see managing the Grid as a major issue which is becoming more and more important in a world with more distributed generation and renewables. Also, when I met with my manager, Paul, he was so enthusiastic both about the company and, more importantly, about the people working here: I had a feeling it would be a good fit!

What’s your first six months at Origami Energy been like?

Since joining, I have been learning a lot about flexibility markets, alongside learning how the commercial world works, not to mention improving my coding and Excel skills! Origami Energy has been very welcoming, and I feel very lucky to have joined at such an exciting time for the company. I’m looking forward to what the coming months will bring!

What do you most enjoy about Origami Energy?

The problem Origami Energy is trying to address, how to manage a more volatile Grid, is very compelling, and I have enjoyed being here as we figure out how to sell this to the market. I have also been enjoying working with people of different professional backgrounds, from the commercial side to data management to operations. And most importantly, I have been learning a ton!

Describe a typical day for you at Origami Energy?

I’m not sure I have a typical day! Sometimes I will be diving into some market data, other times I will be helping to evaluate and price up a potential deal, or I might be developing an analysis tool to help the team make decisions. But basically everything I do involves numbers and/or analytical thinking!


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