Want to join an exciting growth technology company helping change the energy world? Caroline Marriage shares her experience of working at Origami Energy.

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14th May 2018
By Scott Gibson, Talent Acquisition Advisor

If you’re looking for a fast growing career, consider joining an exciting growth technology company like Origami Energy. I recently caught up with our Operations Delivery Manager, Caroline Marriage, to find out a bit more about her experience here.


What are the operations team responsible for?

The operations team are responsible for managing delivery of services using our platform. Once an energy asset owner has contracted to use Origami Energy’s technology through one of our energy supplier partners, the Operations team work with them to integrate the asset, making sure it is controllable and that it reports the correct data. Once everything is set up, we ensure services are delivered and we report and bill those services.

How has your role evolved since you joined Origami Energy?

When I joined we weren’t yet delivering services – only collecting data – so my focus was on understanding the platform elements and preparing the systems that we would need. Now, 18 months later, the team has grown and we are delivering multiple energy flexibility services across various types of assets, which include storage, demand and generation assets. The day to day operation of the system is my primary focus, along with feeding back new requirements to the technical team.

Now I am looking at how we continue to grow our capabilities so that we can provide an increased number of services to more asset owners and I’m also managing a team who are looking after different elements of our service delivery.

Why did you join Origami?

I enjoy working for companies early in their evolution where I can make a contribution and help shape them. The energy sector was completely new to me, but I like the fact that we are helping to future proof the electricity system during the transition from large coal fired power stations to cleaner, more variable, distributed forms of generation. 

Describe your typical working day

There’s no such thing really! My days are a mix of managing and reporting on current service deliveries, working with our partners to further develop our service delivery, working with the technical team to further enhance the platform capabilities, and with the commercial team to ensure smooth transitions from contract to fulfilment. It’s a great mix with a lot of variety and challenges –  every day is different and interesting.

What is your most memorable moment here?

Good question! I think it has to be visiting the National Grid Control Room where we got to see how they manage and operate the whole UK network. I am envious of their wall of screens and huge, live national map and have aspirations for a similar Origami Energy Control Room!


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