Ancillary Services & Time of Use

Access new revenue streams through flexible energy services

Ancillary Services are revenue streams offered by National Grid to flexible energy providers to help keep the electricity system in balance.

Time of Use services allow energy consumers and generators who can change when they consume or generate electricity usage to avoid peak periods to increase revenues or reduce bills.

We provide support to suppliers and traders through all stages of the ancillary services value chain, from helping our partners to sell new services and enabling Distributed Energy Resources (storage, demand and generation assets) to access new revenue streams through to Market Access and helping our partners manage their customer relationships.

Origami Energy has developed technology to deliver real-time monitoring and control of any viable DER (using our purpose-built Origami Energy Router or software drivers) and can enable any value opportunity, enabling energy suppliers and traders to offer better customer propositions.

Ancillary Services are valuable today, but how an asset is used to deliver greatest value across opportunities (ancillary, wholesale etc) will change. Through over-the-air capability to configure new services, we can quickly and remotely optimise how an asset is used. Our approach improves profitability and minimises disruption to our partners and their customers.

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